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"Judge Match"


This service is available in 2 ways.

1) Coaches can have their own judge who will provide feedback to the coaching staff for their entire team!

2) Parents can have a judge assigned to their child. Both parent and gymnast will receive feedback after each meet!

You and your judge will meet, virtually, after each competition to review your routines and analyze deductions.

You will have your very own judge who will help you increase your scoring potential!

$99/session (includes ALL 4 EVENTS. Minimum 3 Sessions)

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Judging Feedback (single session)

Ever wish you could just chat with a judge about your routine(s)? You can!

Once registered, simply email your routines to: mygymjudge@ along with your meeting availability and we will schedule your ZOOM CALL WITH A JUDGE!

Athletes who received a Precision Choreography routine during 2020-2021 and have not yet taken advantage of your FREE routine feedback, simply follow the above directions.

Feedback is $49/ROUTINE and (Choose this option for one-time feedback.)

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Virtual Judging Session

Virtual Judging Session done via ZOOM where your gymnast can do their routine "in front" of a judge and receive the same type of feedback as on our online form, but with the opportunity to ask questions and "see" the judge. This session allows for the opportunity for the athlete to repeat their routine(s), trying to implement the feedback. Total time is typically 25 minutes per event. This session must take place in a gym with the athlete's coach present.

Opportunites for team session as well.

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My Gym Judge© Workshops

Bring the MGJ staff to your gym! From the moment we start warm up, the workshop is carefully crafted to improve scores. Coaches and athletes will be provided with the knowledge, tools, and support to thrive!

1 Day, 4.5 - 5.25 Hours

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Participate in an Existing Workshop

My Gym Judge services are available to all competitive levels of USAG DP, Xcel, NGA, USAIGC, and AAU. My Gym Judge services are not available for Elite gymnasts.

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Compete, from your home gym.

Whether you'd like to keep your meet in-house or you'd like to include other teams (who can compete from their own facility or yours), My Gym Judge Virtual Meets has got you covered.

MGJ Virtual Meets do not require sanctions. These events can run as meet simulations to provide athletes and coaches benchmarks, short term goals, and feedback to build up confidence and experience leading into Championship season!


Standard Package

Efficient and organized, the standard package gets you scores AND feedback!

  • Judging on All Events
  • Video of Judges discussing notes for EVERY ROUTINE
  • Scoresheets
  • Welcome Speech
  • Gymnast Gifts
  • My Gym Judge Awards
  • Awards Announcing
  • Parents Invited and Hosted as Audience


For Non-Sanctioned Meets: 


Let's Do This Virtual Meet Thing!

"Bells and Whistles" Package

Looking for something more comprehensive? These events make your meet and EVENT! You’ll get a real meet experience!

  • Judging on All Events
  • Opportunity for Judges' Feedback
  • Scoresheets
  • Welcome Speech
  • My Gym Judge Awards
  • Awards Announcing
  • Parents Invited and Hosted as Audience


For Non-Sanctioned Meets:


Some of Our Incredibe Staff:

Nicole Langevin,

Level 10, USA

Co-Owner, My Gym Judge


Beam Choreographer for the Swiss National Team

Chellsie Memmel,

Brevet, USA

Co-Owner, My Gym Judge LLC

Technical Lead for USA Gymnastics

Loana Cruz,

Brevet, USA

Lorraine Currie,

Brevet, CANADA


Level 10, USA

and more...